Supervisor MPhil Economics, University of Oxford

  • Michael Blake, ‘Index Insurance, Informal Risk Sharing and Rural Poverty: Evidence from Ethiopia'

  • Emma Riley, ‘Mobile Money Services and Insurance Against Aggregate Shocks’

​Supervisor MPhil Economics and Statistics, University of Oxford

  • Qhelile Nyathi, ‘Informal Risk-Sharing and the Demand for Index Insurance.’

Supervisor MPhil Economics, Econometrics and Finance, University of Groningen

  • Anne de Jong, ‘Insuring the poor. A combined micro health insurance feasibility and demand study for rural Nepal.’

Supervisor MPhil Development Economics, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

  • Marieke Lenders, ‘Local coping strategies in Rural Tamil Nadu’


2018 - : `Econometric Methods and Research Skills', Research Master Economics, Utrecht University School of Economics


2018 - : `Microeconomics, Institutions and Welfare', Bachelor Economics, Utrecht University School of Economics

2018 - : `Principles of Microeconomics', Pre-master Economics, Utrecht University School of Economics

2012-2016: `Poverty, Risk and Financial Markets Module', MSc Development Economics, University of Oxford

Karlijn Morsink

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