2018 – 2021             Supervisor PhD Sociology and Philosophy, University College Cork

  • Cuizhu Wang

2020 – 2021             Supervisor MPhil Economics, Utrecht University

  • Anaya Dam

2019 – 2020             Supervisor BSc Economics

  • Christiane Vlam

  • Dany Shaieyouta

  • Judith van der Nat

  • Anni Vaattannen

  • Xing Wang

  • Hei Tong Chan

2015 – 2016            Supervisor MPhil Economics, University of Oxford

  • Michael Blake, ‘Index Insurance, Informal Risk Sharing and Rural Poverty: Evidence from Ethiopia'

2014 – 2015            Supervisor MPhil Economics, University of Oxford

  • Emma Riley, ‘Mobile Money Services and Insurance Against Aggregate Shocks’

2013 – 2014            Supervisor MPhil Statistics, University of Oxford

  • Qhelile Nyathi, ‘Informal Risk-Sharing and the Demand for Index Insurance.’

2011 – 2012            Supervisor MPhil Economics, Econometrics and Finance, University of Groningen, The Netherlands

  • Anne de Jong, ‘Insuring the poor. A combined micro health insurance feasibility and demand study for rural Nepal.’

2011                       Supervisor Undergraduate Development Studies, University of Twente, The Netherlands

2010                       Supervisor MPhil Development Economics, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

  • Marieke Lenders, ‘Local coping strategies in Rural Tamil Nadu’


BSc courses

2020 – 2021             Principles of Microeconomics, BSc Economics, Utrecht University

2018 – 2021             Microinsurance, Institutions, and Welfare, BSc Economics, Utrecht University

2018 – 2021             The Real-World Perspective, BSc Economics, Utrecht University

2018 – 2019             Applied economics research course 2018-2019, BSc Economics, Utrecht University

MSc courses

2018                        Research Skills 3, MSc Economics, Utrecht University

2018                        Principles of Microeconomics, MSc Economics

2012 – 2016             Poverty, Risk and Insurance, MSc Development Economics, University of Oxford

Postgraduation courses

2015 – 2019             Eliciting Preferences and Beliefs in Developing Countries, PhD course University of Oxford, Georgia State University

Karlijn Morsink

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